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By svBEERs

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19-11-2014, 09:50

AxelStone wrote:

I made a minimal hole and I bought a mini 3,5" jack output in order to use any external cable, I'll make a photo.

Yes. Please AxelStone, add a picture to see it before I´ll make mine.

By mtn

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19-11-2014, 10:36

generally speaking, it might be easier to melt a small hole (dont waste your soldering tip on it tho) then to drill through.. And never forget to inhale the smoke!

By AxelStone

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26-11-2014, 14:37

Here goes the pictures:

The hole

As you can see, a 3,5" mini-jack fix perfectly with this hole.

To make it I've used a normal drill: firts time use a slim drill to center the hole and then use one bigger. The best way to fix at the exact size of jack is trying several drills (from smaller to bigger) until you see that it fix perfectly.

Good luck.

By msx fan finland

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27-04-2018, 13:18

I have a problem with my Dalsori.
Its a very good software but i need to contact now to the manufacturer.
Send email to me plz :
I need your help now.

msx fan finland
Your Dalsori customer.

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