Status DalSoRi OPL4 board

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By AxelStone

Prophet (3174)

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11-09-2014, 22:24

One question, how do you make the drill? Which tool do you use? Thanks.

By marcoo

Expert (111)

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11-09-2014, 22:48

I used my makita and drill with a low speed
Frist I draw with a marker where the hole must be Made then screw the two party's together
Then I used a small drill to 3mm to make a fist hole then with a 4,5mm and ended with a 7 mm
maybe I was to carefull but I didn't want to break the cartrigde
It worked Great for me without damaging the cartridge

By Grauw

Ascended (10633)

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11-09-2014, 23:06

I did the same thing with my little Bosch screwdriver-drill. Although you gotta use the right drill bit type, the first three drills worked great and slowly drilled really smooth progressively larger holes, but when I needed to get a 7mm bit I picked a wood drill from another set which screwed itself in, so the hole isn’t as nicely circular as it could’ve been.

The drill bits that worked well were or the common universal “twist” type. The one that didn’t work was a “lip” type.

Before I started drilling, I fiddled around a bit to mark exactly the right spot… I ended up putting the board in the case before drilling the hole (it just about fits) and carefully marked the center spot with a stitching awl, so the drill would have something to latch on to.

By riquet

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12-09-2014, 22:15

@Retrofan : DalSoRi arrived at home, tested and working fine Big smile

@marcoo & Grauw : thanks for your tips Wink An assembled cartridge could be better for me.

By GuilianSeed

Master (157)

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13-09-2014, 08:50

My DalSoRi is arrived at home !
Thank you Jun & Retrofan for this very good stuff !! Big smile

By st1mpy

Paladin (884)

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13-09-2014, 21:49

I drilled my hole today too. I went up to 8mm, still not big enough for some plugs on some cables, but it would do. I might just buy a suitable one that has a narrow body above the pin. The plastic is quite soft so, I actually used my hand and drill bits for the first few mm until my drill battery charged. overall, the whole product, packaging and purchasing process was great, thank you all!

By Grauw

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13-09-2014, 23:26

The hole in my cart is 7mm which is exactly what is needed to fit the plug hole. As the plug is a bit sunk (just like on my FM-PAQ), I have a little extension cord with a narrow jack plug, and I ordered some more off the local electronics site for the DalSoRi.

By msxtrd

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13-09-2014, 23:48

I did end with a monster hole, so the whole plug from my speakers fits in :]. This was not ment to be that big at first but the drill did slip a little and the first hole was a bit off. Anyway every kind of plug should now fit Smile. Testet and working great. Love the small size. Thankyou to all who made it possible Smile

By Retrofan

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14-09-2014, 08:31

I use the (green/blue) jack from my pc monitor and it fits very well...
Nice to read all went okay.

By AxelStone

Prophet (3174)

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15-09-2014, 20:30

Received and tested, thanks for your work @Retrofan and thanks to Jun for making it ;-)

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