Testing FM-PAC

By uberjack

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25-02-2009, 00:26

Hi everyone,

I recently got an FMPAC cartridge, and am trying to figure out how to test to make sure it works. I know Mon Mon Monster uses FMPAC, so I tested the game with the cartridge, and it sounds the same as without (PSG music in both cases).

Can anyone suggest a good way to test FMPAC, to make sure it works - like from BASIC, or a specific game? If it's a game that I need to test with, any hyperlinks would be appreciated.


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By pitpan

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25-02-2009, 01:09

Perhaps using the following from MSX-BASIC:


Or the equivalent


It will start the BIOS demo program, including FM songs and PAC management.

By the way, the problem can be related to the sound volume balance in your computer. If this is the case (common with SVI and Philips computers) you'll have to change some resistors in order to enjoy external sound. If SCC cartridges are working fine in the same computer, then the problem is related to the FM-PAC cartridge itself Sad

Please tell us your result.

By Repair-Bas

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25-02-2009, 13:04

what kind FM-PAC do you have? FM-PAC Panansoft or another one?

On what type msx do you use it?


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25-02-2009, 16:56

You can test any MSX-Music compatible cartridge from BASIC like this:

By uberjack

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27-02-2009, 08:54

pitpan: _fmpac worked like a charm, thanks. It loaded the demo program, and BGM plays fine.
Repair-Bas: It's a Panasoft FM PAC, Model SW-M004
Thanks everyone