The BIG MSXVR Q&A thread

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By Manuel

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22-09-2019, 23:30

I don't think he asked to record 300-400 videos... Just a few popular games. Not unreasonable, is it?

By zPasi

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23-09-2019, 07:07

Ivan][quote=zPasi wrote:
hamlet wrote:

That Mega looks awesome, although I've never had a Commodore.

I'm more impressed with the MSXVR and the ZX Spectrum Next to be honest. They look like the old machines.

ZX Spectrum Next looks neat indeed!

By Uninteresting

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23-09-2019, 07:31

Like Manuel said, I hoped to see direct capture footage of just a couple of games, maybe a few minutes' worth in total. Ideally, links to existing videos that already contain such footage.

Getting that would probably require having a capture device, though, and knowing how to use it (I think I still record 1080p60 games in 720p30, and I've had my device for several years now...)

An unconnected question: do those cartridge slots have a flap on top to protect the connectors from dust etc. when no cartridge has been inserted?


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23-09-2019, 10:59

Sky jaguar 2 looks really impressive. Both msx1 and MSXVR. It gives a zanac feeling ... really like this MSXVR project. I've ordered one!

By msxvr

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23-09-2019, 11:43

Cartridge Games in a MSXVR
You can see footage in this vídeos:
Space Manbow 2:
SD Mapper running some games:
Arkanoid II:
Tina's Island:

By x1pepe

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24-09-2019, 07:35

Sky Jaguar 2 looks amazing.

By Argon

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27-09-2019, 09:40

Do you have any numbers yet about which colors are being preordered?
The preorder instructions state that there need to be 10 of a color before it can be produced.
I don't like red so much, so I may want to order a black or blue one :-)

By x1pepe

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27-09-2019, 10:01

To night at 22:30

By tfh

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27-09-2019, 11:04

x1pepe wrote:

To night at 22:30

Englsh or Spanish?

By x1pepe

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27-09-2019, 13:44

Spanish, but you can configure subtittles in English.

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