The V9958 32KB drop-in for 9918A

By retrocanada76

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04-06-2023, 21:02

So, following my TN-VDP development I have a second VDP extracted from the ESE-MSX3, but the Tang Nano 9K can only synthetize 32KB so you get something like a CX5MII-128:

but with HDMI with audio output :)

It's nice the CX5MII-128 sub-rom works nicely here.

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By sdsnatcher73

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04-06-2023, 22:23

Very cool!

By Pencioner

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04-06-2023, 22:35

when Tang Nano 20K is launched, you can probably use its onboard SDRAM for VRAM and then it wouldn't be a problem (will require some development to switch from the block RAM in FPGA though). or at least, use more block RAM from bigger FPGA and have 64K not 32K )

By retrocanada76

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04-06-2023, 22:57

the tang nano 20k are already available. I have 2 of them shipping to me.

By Nprod

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07-06-2023, 15:24

Wow that's impressive, so potentially this can be used as a drop-in replacement for the 9918 and "upgrade" any MSX1 to an MSX2+?

By lintweaker

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07-06-2023, 16:58

Coincidentally I am playing around with a Tang nano 20k to see if I can create an (custom) VDP cartridge with it. There is 64Mbit SDR SDRAM to play with.