Tilburg'96 Slotexpander / Portexpander Kit Help

By Emic

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30-01-2022, 17:48


Hope someone here could help me. . . Smile

I bought this slot expander or port expander kit at Tilburg'96 and it came with a schematic, in Dutch, indicating the components needed and how to finish it.

Now, many years later, I would like to finish assembling it, but the paper with the instructions/schematics has been lost, and I have not found any information on the internet.

I've just asked in the dutch forum but I think that my chances of finding an answer would improve if I also asked here.

Anyway the 640px images didn't show in my previous post, so I will add first only the links:



Could you help me? What is it and what is it called, if someone has the scheme or if it was published in a Dutch magazine, what to consult online and translate...

In addition to these photos, I include the hi-resolution ones, in this link:





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By Jipe

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30-01-2022, 19:43

it's not a slotexpander but a slot select for 8 cartridge
dowload the link on http://msxvillage.fr/forum/topic.php?id=3783
Elektor N°93 - Mars 1986
is in french but with schematic

By Emic

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31-01-2022, 00:52

Hi Jipe!

thank you very much!!! I can finish it now!! :O Smile

It's not what I thought it was but I'll complete it anyway. Smile

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,