Toshiba HX-10 Black Screen: What To Check?

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By PingPong

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28-07-2012, 18:52

jltursan wrote:

With a bad ROM, the HX-10 most probably would'nt boot to BASIC prompt.
Seems that there's a BAD VRAM ICs (4416), some characters have its bit 1 stuck to 0, there's also some others with bit 6 to 0. I don't know how they're mapped to their ICs; so it's a good measure to replace both VRAM ICs.

It's an easy replacement, you can use 4464 aswell, they're easier to find.

Yes, they have bit 0 and 6 not working correctly.
But why this problem does not affect even the charater pattern definitions?
Only bytes from name table are affected? This sound strange to me...

By jltursan

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28-07-2012, 19:00

True, maybe some of the glue logic around VRAM access is broken... Question

By bagpuss22

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10-06-2013, 11:05

Well, I had exactly the same problem and a replacement LVA510 sorted it.

Does anyone know why so many of these IC's fail? I have bought extra just
in case I need to replace it again in the future.


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