Toshiba HX-F101 external floppy disk drive problem.

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By Manuel

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14-04-2019, 14:45

WD2793 is also (mostly) WD1793 compatible Smile

By sd_snatcher

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14-04-2019, 16:48

rderooy wrote:

So, assuming that Toshiba made the actual unit. How come that the Sony HBD-50 regularly shows up for sale on Yahoo Japan, and we have plenty of pictures of it, and it is supported by openmsx and such. While from the HX-F100, all we have are a few pictures out of old magazines.

But that also happened with the touchpads (Graphic Tablets), didn't it? The Philips NMS-1150 was OEM and is way more common than the model from the real maker. (I heard those touchpads were also made by Toshiba, but this needs to be confirmed).

By Hokuspokus

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16-04-2019, 14:47

The BassDitta rom does not work ... it sends me a Fast disk v.1.08 that does not work. Look that I remarked to him that floppy disk was and he said to me that ... I do not like anything that deceive me and blow me € 13 !.

By msxholder

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16-04-2019, 19:29

As i said before it has NOT the same registers at the slot adress.
An alternative is on the Toshiba interface cutting adres lines thus making shadow adresses.
I never tried it on This Toshiba interface.
Joepie after 30 jears of collecting an archive of magazines is leaving our house.

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