Turbo-R Panasonic floppy drives

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By Manuel

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27-05-2018, 23:10

You sure you used the correct belt? If the belt is too long, it may still slip a bit and the disk may turn too slowly.

By Cageman

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28-05-2018, 09:36

Yeah, I am sure. I don't notice anything slipping while looking at the drive when it is in operation. Probably very hard to see with the naked eye though. Is there a proper way to measure the correct speed?

By Josevil

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29-05-2018, 17:33

cageman The heads degrade over the years

By Cageman

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10-06-2018, 13:53

What a shame. I would really have liked to get this drive to work again. I did discover something while measuring the rotation speed using an oscilloscope, monitoring the pulses from the sensor on the encoder wheel. Curious what you guys make of that:

Letting the floppy drive rotate without a floppy disk inserted gives a nice, even pattern of pulses:

The delta between 6 pulses is 23.10ms

With a floppy inserted:

From the looks of it, this speed is unstable. Delta between 6 pulses is 22ms, but they are more erratic, as can be seen.

(I know there is a specific pattern on the wheel in one spot (probably used by the logic to sense a complete rotation. This measurement excludes that event).

Wondering if this is normal behavior of a drive. I used a new drivebelt (recently purchased from Bas Kornalijnslijper).

By Vampier

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20-08-2018, 22:46

Has someone been able to use a Floppy drive hardware emulator (like the gotec) with any Panasonic model (a1fx-a1wxs-a1gt) ?

By sd_snatcher

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20-08-2018, 22:59


From the looks of it, this speed is unstable.

This usually means a bad belt, or a bad disk.

By Ivan

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23-02-2021, 22:50

If anyone wants a replacement just contact VAJ Lehenak. If you send them your TurboR they will replace the original one with a brand new beltless floppy disk drive which are far more realiable. They are painted in black colour and look pretty cool:

By Meits

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23-02-2021, 23:36

Vampier wrote:

Has someone been able to use a Floppy drive hardware emulator (like the gotec) with any Panasonic model (a1fx-a1wxs-a1gt) ?

This post got bumped so I don't feel bad replying
Won't work

By sdsnatcher73

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24-02-2021, 05:26

Might you explain why? What have you tried? Which software was on the GoTek? How was it connected to the mainboard cable? There is an adapter board made by @RepairBas to connect most PC drives, did you try using that? What I am trying to say that just saying it won’t work without sharing any details is not very helpful. You might be right, then again you may not be.

If @Meits has not tried the adapter board from @RepairBas I would give that a try (or ask @RepairBas to try it out, might give him a new USP). Also if you get in contact with the developer of FlashFloppy he can analyze signaling between the computer and an original drive (you have to send him the details from measurements with an oscilloscope) but they implemented support for other obscure hardware (Japanese MIDI synths) that way, surely fixing it for Panasonic MSX machines will also be possible.

By Meits

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24-02-2021, 12:24

It does connect correctly like a replacement diskdrive, but the fdd controller does not accept the gotek. For now there is nothing to do about it. Perhaps if the gotek comunity releases a new firmware.

I have no urge to get it to work. I put it in another computer instead.

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