uMSX FPGA-based MSX2+

By cjs

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18-05-2023, 17:21

I looked around a bit on the wiki and forums, but didn't see any mention of this uMSX FPGA-based MSX2+ system, currently being sold on AliExpress for ¥28,292, which isn't too bad a price.

It's still a little expensive for my cheap collecting tastes, but I'm curious if anybody has any opinions on it, and perhaps links back to the original developers.

Here are some images of it, though I don't know how long they'll be hosted at these addresses.

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By capsule5000

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26-05-2023, 04:55

Another uMSX with keyboard and cassette connector.

By SjaaQ

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26-05-2023, 14:20

Looks cool with those transparent MSX and "data recorder". When will you build you transparent monitor case?