Unknown VDP: Yamaha YM2220

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By lintweaker

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30-04-2019, 17:29

This site gives a nice list of Yamaha ICs. Unfortunately the YM2220 is not listed
List of Yamaha ICs

By Piter Punk

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30-04-2019, 22:51

gdx wrote:

A little more complete pinout description of 315-5066/YM2217 pinouts (SG-1000 II) :

This is the post that I used to make the pinout diagram. An attention point is that, like the pinout that I did for YM2220, it was created following the circuit trails in the PCB. So, the unconnected or unsilked pins can't be identified.

gdx wrote:

I found several info about 315-5124/YM2602B:
At the bottom of the page, there is a test program of register #3 pf VDP. I convert it to MSX. Can you try on your Victor HC-30 and Casio PV-7 with a joystick (By using buttons A & B)? This program does not seem to work on a MSX's VDP.

Ok, can you send the converted program to me?


By gdx

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30-04-2019, 23:23

By Grauw

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09-05-2019, 22:52

Grauw wrote:

Here is my test program. Execute in DOS in screen 0.

	org 100H

	ld hl,helloWorld
	ld a,0
	out (99h),a
	ld a,64
	out (99h),a
	ld c,98h
	ld b,12
	ld a,b
	dec a
	out (99h),a
	jr nz,Loop

	db "!dlroW olleH"

In openMSX TMS9918 (Yamaha CX5M), this prints “Hello World!” at location (0, 0).
In openMSX V9938 (Philips NMS 8245), this prints “!dlroW olleH” at location (0, 0).
In openMSX V9958 (Panasonic FS-A1GT), this prints “!dlroW olleH” at location (0, 0).

On a real TMS9929A (Sony HB-75P), this prints “Hello World!” at location (0, 0).
On a real V9938 (Yamaha CX5MII), this prints “!dlroW olleH” at location (0, 0).
On a real V9958 (Panasonic FS-A1GT), this prints “!dlroW olleH” at location (0, 0).

Executable binary here

What does this do on the YM2220? The Sega VDP behaves like the TMS9918. This should give some further insight whether the YM2220 logic is similar to the TMS9918 / Sega VDP or the V9938 / V9958.

By sd_snatcher

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25-01-2020, 19:09

hit9918 wrote:

if not, then maybe the 2220 is a 9118 die in a different pinout?

It can't be exactly the same die, since it outputs RGB instead of YPbPr.

That alone should influence how its palette looks, because it has to have a different palette table inside.

It's palette can be dumped using an oscilloscope and deducing the DAC values from the steps, just like I did with Mansur Carlos for the Toshiba T7937A.

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