updating sunrise CF reader bios problems

By Moniz

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19-02-2020, 22:47

Hi all,

I've recently dug up my CF-flash reader I had so much problems with, it has bios version 2.21.
Since I couldn't find it anymore after being moved I decided to update my IDE interface (to version 2.50) and used that ever since.
But now I found it again I would like to use it but don't want to run into the same problems again.
The problem is that I'm not able to update the bios, the c-flash does work with 2.21 (it boots) but when I use IDEFLOAD (from seperate drive) it gives me a "Flashrom test: failed" and stops the update
Do I need to use a different program or can't this device be updated?


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19-02-2020, 23:36

Try booting the computer while holding INS and DEL down (I don't remember which was the correct key.) This will prevent booting from the card and you should be able to flash it again.

I think latest version of flashing tool can be found here:

You may want to download the Nextor firmware from the page as well as it makes it more easy use this interface in general (like FDISK in ROM) and adds some advanced features. (like mounting of disk images and native FAT16 support)

By gdx

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20-02-2020, 01:15

To update the firmware you have do it from another disk interface and preferably under DOS1. Press DEL key at start up to de-activate the partitions. With the BIOS version 2.50b, DEL key is replaced by STOP because many MSX firmware use already DEL something else, what causes conflict.
Nextor driver fixes the 16 bit support but brings other problems (No slave CF support, No CD support, etc)

Few useful info: