usb host connector for MSX CompactFlash ATA-IDE cartridge

By syntax_error

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25-12-2007, 14:19

I saw this website on internet a CF usb hostcard connecting to MSX CompactFlash ATA-IDE cartridge. But i cant read a japanese.
Who can tell me if it works?

Its sounds cool: you can connect usb devices on msx system. What do you think if its possible to connect msx usb gamereader (sunrise) for making extra slot. or other usb devices? i think its possible, we need only sofware.

Its better to develop software for MSX to communicate with this piece of hardware.
Instead of making a new msx hardware with software like usb nowind cartridge. Because the hardware does already excist.

LINKS CF USB HOST ADAPTER where you can buy

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By doraemonppc

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25-12-2007, 15:15

Seems intereasting...
Anyone with some japanese skills can translate a bit of this?LOL!

By jltursan

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25-12-2007, 15:58

You only need to use this online translator to get a fairly good translation. Seems that there's also a very curious surround simulator card...:)

About the translator form, the japanese->english radio button is the right one...

By sunrise

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26-12-2007, 09:25

First of all I think we must not confuse the no-wind interface with this. Since the no-wind interface isnot for this purpose(s). But if even it was true you had to take in consideration that the extension(s) mentioned and tried out by Dr. Kikkie are more expensive than the no-wind interface and not a just around the corner available item. However it is quite handy for hdd,floppydrives of usb type.
Not for an usb gamereader , since one wins a slot in the reader and loose one with using the cf-interface
I wouldnot need a translation I would simply buy and try alsoBig smile

By OeiOeiVogeltje

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26-12-2007, 12:04

very nice find

why do such thing??

CF cards nowadays are big enough to fit all msx related stuff on it at once (else buy two CF's)

By Abi

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26-12-2007, 12:35

if in this way is possible to connect an usb diskdrive then you can use it in combination with a 1chipMSX (and play the gamecompetition at MVM meetings!! Big smile )
Or someone should make a usb driver for the 1chipMSX offcourse Smile

By sunrise

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28-12-2007, 14:53

Why only the OCM and not the real msx also. Maybe the way to solve also the DDR (dancemat) connection in the hardware way so that we can finally gonna design software to let it swing!