Use ~10€ to connect modern mouse to MSX

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By edoz

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30-12-2017, 22:58

very nice!! I like your case Big smile For me this is the best mouse (and cheap) mouse solution for MSX. I use it mainly as mouse with scroll wheel in SymbOS Big smile

By zzarko

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14-11-2020, 19:09

I wanted to do something a bit different than most of people here, to have an real retro mouse for MSX, blocky and with a ball. So I found a old Logitech PS/2 mouse, and managed to place arduino board inside it

I used NYYRIKKI's 1.1 version of the code (a BIG THANK YOU for publishnig it!). I have tested it in as many programs and games as I could.

It works perfect with Cheese 1 and 2, E.A.S.E 1.1 and 1.4, Yamaha Graphic Artist, Joystick Test 2.3, SymbOS, JB Harold 3, Ark-A-Noah, Saurus Lunch and Suffle Puck.

In these programs mostly works, but sometimes mouse arrow goes down-right constantly: MSX Paint IV (down-right only in main menu), Salas Freehand 1.3 (down-right in file menu).

In these program mouse arrow goes down-right constantly: Final Graphics, SII Anime, Unipaint.

These programs do not work with it: Sony Graphics Editor, Sony HiBrid, MSX Hid Tester 3.0 (cannot detect what it is, buttons can be read), Joystick Test 2.2 (cannot detect it, buttons can be read).

Does somebody know what is so special about programs that cannot use it? Do they require some special hardware to work? Maybe the problem is that I used a realy old mouse?

By JohanMSX

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09-12-2020, 20:08

I recognize this behaviour (mouse pointer going down right) when unplugging the mouse from the joystick port. Are you sure you do not have a loose contact?
Your mouse looks really nice retro!


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09-12-2020, 22:22

Just to make sure, did you try this (from page 14):


Here is the latest, not finished version of the mouse software for Arduino:

It is not cleaned up and some new functionality is experimental stage. I've just had way too much things to do, so this project is currently sleeping. I hope during Christmas holiday I finally find some time to pick up the project again, but no promises.

In order to make the mouse working also with Roland samplers, I think JoyHigh-routine should be changed to:

void JoyHigh()
     DDRD=(DDRD | 0x3C);

I didn't put that in as I've not tested it and at the moment I don't have the mouse adapter & real MSX nearby.

I do suspect that your problems might be caused by Arduino responding too slow and this later fix might help to that.

The thing is that if Arduino is still reading PS/2 (slow communicating PS/2 device) while it should return the status, it returns "not connected" (1,1) state when communication with PS/2 is still going on. The fix will make it return "not moved" (0,0) instead. The movement in reality will be more jerky since the MSX will miss one movement, but the cursor will stay on same position instead of moving down, right. In other words this means that the movement should be accurate with your mouse, but it might be one frame late.

By VegaVegas

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05-02-2021, 19:26

Can anyone check why this adapter doesn't work for Dragon's Eye-Super Shanghai?? I mean the mouse buttons work as they just work by default in every software but the movement is stuck there, it doesn't move at all on either ports. I checked it on an emulator and it is supposed to work. I used mouse software version 1.1.

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