V9958 howto get

By luppie

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27-07-2008, 13:07

I'm planning to upgrade my NMS8255 to a MSX2+ machine and looking for a V9958.
On this forum I see that in the past some people had ordered 20+ of these chips and then selling them.

Is there someone that has 1 or 2 of these chips that I can buy ?
If not are there some people interested in this chip so I can place a big(ger) order at an online shop to reduce the costs ?

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By Erikie

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27-07-2008, 14:58

Hi Luppie,

I bought a couple from this guy.
They work great in my 8250's :)

By luppie

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27-07-2008, 16:19

Erikie, thanks a lot, I allready ordered them with this guy. Considering the cheap dollar, it was not to expensive.

Hope to receive them next week, incl. my eprom programmer so I can build my ver own 2+

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