By Roland007

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24-03-2019, 20:57

Hi All,

Just a stupid question: is it possible to replace the default VDP of an MSX2 with the V9990? I know the MSX2+ 9958 can be put inside an MSX2 machine, but is this also possible with a 9990?


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By msxtrd

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24-03-2019, 20:58


By ToriHino

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24-03-2019, 21:51

As a bit longer answer, though msxtrd is completely right Big smile : The V9990 lacks the video modes needed for MSX and MSX2(+) and therefore can only be used as an add-on next to the existing VDP. The actual supposed successor of the V9958, the V9978 was fully backwards compatible, but unfortunately was never officially released.

So until a remake of the V9978 is made (or the combi of V9958 and V9990 in a single chip), i'm afraid you need both separate VDP's.