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By SLotman

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17-09-2007, 18:53

OCM couldnt even emulate one MSX2+ VDP, how do you expect it to do 4 of them?!?

By msd

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17-09-2007, 19:28

What makes you so sure it can't emulate a v9958?

By ivke2006

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17-09-2007, 19:36

OCM couldnt even emulate one MSX2+ VDP, how do you expect it to do 4 of them?!?

You're right, I forgot it has only V9938 implementation. What I ment was, that is should be a small step if the vdp is available in VHDL.

hmm..now I think about it, my expectation was some time ago that we would see regular upgrades for OCM.

By AuroraMSX

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17-09-2007, 22:42

hmm..now I think about it, my expectation was some time ago that we would see regular upgrades for OCM.*Cough!*Which OCM?*Cough!*

By spl

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17-09-2007, 23:27

The one which is being sold at Japan Tongue (well, now I am waiting one, which will be arrived soon Big smile)

By Edwin

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17-09-2007, 23:45

I have an update for you. After you apply it, it will give you a display in various shades of black. Tongue

By DamageX

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18-09-2007, 05:35

if putting multiple VDPs together, especially more than 2, there should be a possibility to send the data via color-bus to external DACs. Then we could have some new screen modes.

VDP1 - connect to red DAC
VDP2 - connect to green DAC
VDP3 - connect to blue DAC
set all to screen 8 and get 24-bits total per pixel, 16M colors, or use screen 7 and get 12bpp

or what about adding/subtracting the output of one VDP for a transparency effect?

also, although it would seem to be a lot of work for a plain Z80 to control 4 VDPs, at least VDP commands will run in parallel. Imagine using screen 5 but only use a quarter of the screen on each VDP. Leave the rest of the area blank. When all images are combined you get a full screen but since each VDP is only using a 256x53 area then it can be fully redrawn 4x as fast.

By Metalion

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18-09-2007, 07:07

I must say I was baffled to see that those Yamaha components were still for sale oO
You can even find V9938s on this website oO
I thought all those were obsolete and impossible to find !

By igal

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16-08-2012, 18:08

Hi. (sorry for my Googgenglish translation lol)

I made this extension MSX2, based on the work of MsxPro and corrected by FabF and Jipe on MsxVillage.
here => http://www.msxvillage.fr/forum/topic.php?id=1104&pt=1

The extension contains a MSX2 VDP, 128KB Vram, ExtROM and video circuitry.
You can see the double Boot here => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5K2L1F_kcY&feature=player_em...
Nb: it is easy to change the vdp 9938 with 9958 ;)

I saw on YouTube, videos of Ricardo Oazem VDP or sometimes superimposing four Msx2Plus VDP.
In Basic:
180 '*****************
190 OUT (149),&HF
220 '= = = = = = = = =
225 OUT(149),&H3F
390 SET SCROOL C,0,0,1
400 '***
410 OU(149),&H2F
420 SET SCROOL 3,0,0,1
430 '***
440 OUT (149),&H1F
450 SET SCROOL A,0,0,1
460 '****************
470 A=A+1:B=B+4:C=C+1
480 IF A>511 THEN A=0
490 IF B>511 THEN B=0
500 IF C>511 THEN C=0
510 GOTO 225

understand that the VDP 4 are superimposed to give an image with four times more detail.
I am looking up information, diagram, ideas to achieve something similar.

I thought of a component such as this one =>

but it is only a vague idea

By Manuel

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16-08-2012, 22:53

Sorry, but all I could think is "OMG! He butchered a Sony HB-F900!"

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