Victor IF-7500/National DA-85 VHD interface ?

By Sylvester

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10-03-2021, 13:10

Is this the Victor IF-7500 VHD interface: ?

The bottom mentions Victor IF-7500, but the front National DA-85. It's not listed yet on

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By mars2000you

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10-03-2021, 13:27

Not sure it is for MSX, as there is no any MSX or MSX2 logo, contrary to the National DA-80F, Victor IF-7510 or Victor IF-7900.

Besides, no any VHDpc logo.

By mars2000you

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10-03-2021, 13:46

Addiional infos here:

(Google translation)
It was used by Victor to control VHD karaoke.

I picked it up in Akihabara after karaoke won the laser victory (about 10 years until the 21st century).
It sends commands from the Centronics terminal to process the video screen, and I think that only MSX can be used with the current OS and devices.
In MSX Basic
10 LPRINT "A", [option] .... etc .... was it ~ (^^;
Cut out the screen in a (← heart) shape with the characters (columns) surrounded by “”, or superimpose two video sources.
It seems that it was used like ..... f (^^;
However, these functions are from the time when Pioneer PALCOM was also using it at the same time, so you may remember video impose and so on. For characters (strings), try Iloilo.
When I contacted the Akihabara agency at that time about the characters (strings) following the above LPRINT, they gave me some examples verbally. The contact phone number is written on the bottom of the device where the gum tape is affixed, but can it be used because the city code of Tokyo is 3 digits?
There are no restrictions on bidding, but if possible, we would like to stay with Victor's MSX.

By mars2000you

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10-03-2021, 13:51

Here's the 'full' Victor product:

By popolon_

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10-03-2021, 16:01

So it cannot be used to play vhd games. But price for it anyway is not going to be cheap.