Victor Trucco announced MSX-SM

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By KdL

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07-07-2019, 19:19

Here is something i'm thinking right now...

Bringing the XBASIC2 back into slot 0-1 could compromise the loading of some games such as "THE EINDOLON": this is a game in MSX BASIC and M/L that uses a proprietary command "CALL RUN" in conflict with that of XBASIC2 command. But this game could be the only exception to the rule! Wink

Since the SETSMART -F9 option can disable the slots 0-1, 0-2 and 0-3, this game can still be started by updating MGLOCM and SOFARUN with this option. At this point the slot 3-3 will be free again but still connected in the pre-boot phase to the IPL-ROM.

Here is an example of how the source code could become:

    rom_xbas    <=  mem when( (w_prislt_dec(0) and w_expslt0_dec(1) and Slot0Mode and w_page_dec(1)) = '1'                              )else   -- 0-1 (4000-7FFFh)    16 kB  XBASIC2 .ROM / XBASIC21.ROM
                    mem when( (w_prislt_dec(3) and w_expslt3_dec(3) and (not Slot0Mode) and w_page_dec(1) and ff_ldbios_n) = '1'        )else   -- 3-3 (4000-7FFFh)    16 kB  XBASIC2 .ROM / XBASIC21.ROM

By iamweasel2

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07-07-2019, 18:34

To those who didn't see it, Victor Trucco implemented new OPLs in MSX-SM. There's now even OPL3 in MSX-SM ! This is getting better and better. Smile

By alexito

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08-07-2019, 09:09

Great add-on for sure. I almost convinced I have to got this computer someday.

By ducasp

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08-07-2019, 17:45

I've posted a video with the current MSX-SM UNAPI development status... Wink

By iamweasel2

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10-07-2019, 05:53

Now we have Midi out in MSX SM (still in development or maybe it is just the cheap cable used). Smile

By OeiOeiVogeltje

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10-07-2019, 22:47

i already ordered this thingy
will this extra stuff also be available on the device i get sent?

By hamlet

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10-07-2019, 22:56

Much more, I guess.

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