Virtual MSX diskdrive via joystick port

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By RvS

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28-04-2019, 10:49

I have created a new version (code on github), now the arduino acts as a tape-out so you can bload "cas:",r the driver.
Also, I fixed a ram/rom issue under MSXDOS: writing into ROM is not so smart Smile . Now it swaps RAM in page 1. This fixes a lot of issues under MSXDOS. EASE and my old copy of TED are working now.
Read and write speeds have been increased as well. For reading I could use the RRD instruction that I did not know about, but is very useful here (rotate nybbles from A<->[HL]).
Still a lot of work ahead:
[*] BK.COM (file copier) does not work. Is the source code for this file copier available somewhere? That would greatly help debugging.
[*] Automatic 'HOOK' detection for different disk roms. I will integrate this into the driver.
[*] Work-around for bootable disks. How to divert disk access directly after boot?

By kaizen4871

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29-07-2019, 16:17

It's an awesome project indeed. Congratulations. I have been thinking about something similar using CH376 USB module to read and write files from USB stick. Since I don't have any MSX2 I was planning to build it for an MSX1 without a disk rom. Smile

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