Where to manufactue a printed circuit board?

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By Grauw

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30-03-2018, 18:45

All his (few) posts are posted quite long after the previous, and quite meaningless comments. I think a spammer paid by that pcb manufacturer to improve search rankings.

By roadfighter

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21-04-2018, 09:02

Lets update the facts a bit then.
These are my personal encounters with the PCB manufacturers.
Pricing is including shipping cost.

First i had EuroCircuits the same that provide Elektor with PCB's.
But they are real expensive, 2 pcb is around 60 euro, i had 3(proto pcb) for 75 euro. Year: +/- 2000.

Then i got in contact with the guys from Supersonics, they had Makepcb.com as a supplier.
There i made some of my Eprom carts for msx (gold plated) and for 75 pieces i paid around 130 euro. Year: +/- 2013
They are still available for 3 euro a piece(gold plated contacts)

Then there was Seeed.com, they deliver 10 proto pcb for 5 dollar and 10 dollar shipping so i had 10 pcbs for the Anma RED interfacefor 14,95. Year: +/- 2016
P.S> the shipping is only presented when you are paying inside paypal then the shipping pops up. Until then you think its cheap ... only 5 dollars.... yea right..

Also there was PCBway.com (sometimes they look so much alike i think its the same company).
Made a test cartridge so i could see address &HFFFF and data on the data bus (activity)
They had also 10 protos but for 12 euro and the the freight cost 8 euro so 20 euro. Year: +/- 2016

And then i made some Joymega adapter for the Sega gamepads
And had a Go with OSH Park in the USA, they have very good PCB( Gold plated) and free shipping !! ........But......
The PCB are beyond ridiculous priced when they get to big, a pcb for the Joymega is 14x21mm so that's doable but anything bigger than 5x5 cm is going bananas. So for the first proto of my joymega adapter i ordered 6 pcb and they where 4 dollars. Year: +/- 2017

And now i started with ALLPCB.com ( I tell you they are all the same :P )
They are really cheap and have good PCB and fast delivery (mostly within 2 weeks).
With a minimum of 5 PCB and no shipping cost.
Still evaluating the site and pricing, sometimes it is cheaper to order with shipping at a other company, i found out with the test pcb i made with pcbway.com. that pcb is 2 dollars more at allpcb.com.... *_*
Year: +/- 2018 and ongoing.

So i hope this helps a bit when wanting to make your own projects.
Most of the time it only becomes clear what the exact pricing is when you order a pcb somewhere.


Emil Sokolowski

By bore

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21-04-2018, 12:16

Fairly recently I tried out https://www.pcbway.com/

They have a nice price calculator online so you can just put your data in and get an idea of the price.
Once you uploaded your files and they checked to see that there isn't anything odd you will get an updated price.
Never had any problems with their PCBs

A fair warning regarding their assembly service if you are too lazy to solder the components yourself.
I've never had any problem with their soldering, but once they bought one of the components from a sketchy source, so you know, your mileage might vary.
Shouldn't be a problem if you buy the components and sent it to them.

By Nprod

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14-10-2018, 13:03

Nice, thanks for the useful info! Have you looked at JLCPCB? I like their online calculator as you can import a Gerber file and it tries to derive the cost from there. The prices are suspiciously cheap though, perhaps the boards aren't the best quality...

By Alexey

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14-10-2018, 23:48

I also checked the JLCPCB and it looks like there's a discount for the first batch of boards. Other batches are 5$ each. But the shipment prices are really nice. So basically you can get 10 boards sized up to 100x100mm with shipment to Germany for under 10 Euro, which is a ridiculously low price. I am really tempted...

If the board is larger than 100mm or you want the color other than green, the price quickly goes up. But not that high as for other manufacturers...

By Abby

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12-04-2019, 09:10

I know that China has a company specializing in PCB and PCBA manufacturing, Smile , https://www.ourpcb.com, low price, high :) quality, you can get online!

By Pablibiris

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14-04-2019, 03:12

JLCPCB la a nice site to order boards. I never has any problem

By Wlcracks

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14-04-2019, 09:01

I use EuroCircuits at "daily" bases for my profession, the quality is great and delivery spot on. That''s what you pay for.

By Alexey

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14-04-2019, 12:25

I was using both JLCPCB and PCBWAY. Now I mostly use JLC because they manufacture the boards faster and the boards come after 3-4 weeks comparing to 6-8 weeks from PCBWAY. I never use DHL or other courier, just normal mail shipment. The shipment is cheaper with JLC, but works better. They have a nice Gerber viever too. The large boards are cheaper to order from them. So for me the choice is obvious.

The PCBWAY has one advantage though - they always make 11 boards when you order 10.

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