Which MSX1 computer is your favorite or best?

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By cesco

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11-04-2006, 14:29


My first MSX ;(

By tfh

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11-04-2006, 15:44

The Toshiba HX-10 of course. Worked perfectly. Played every game available, cracked or not. Worked like a charm Smile

By sergem

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11-04-2006, 17:23

The Toshiba HX-10 of course. Worked perfectly. Played every game available, cracked or not. Worked like a charm Smile

sorry to break it to you but i find that this was one of the ugliest msx ever around Shocked!
on the other hand it was indeed one of the most compatible around and that is ofcourse the most important Wink (price was also very nice way back)

By Xan0ri

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11-04-2006, 19:31

Spectravideo SVI - 738 X 'press
Great updating possibilities if wanted (msx2+), built -in vdp9938 and built in diskdrive.
And looks kinda cool as seen on above picture in Sonic Aka T:s post.
The original diskdrive is very noisy, though. And the scc sounds are too low level if not modded.

By Ivan

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11-04-2006, 22:15

Although I never owned one -my first MSX was a Sony HB-501P with built in data player- I do agree with Sonic_aka_T that the SVI-738 X'Press is probably the most complete MSX1 ever sold. It's an awesome machine. The only thing to complain is its 1DD (360 Kb) diskdrive (instead of being equipped with a 720 Kb-2DD FDD).

During my first or second year in high school (it was 1991 If I remember well) I saw a brand new SVI-738 in a shop (not for sale unfortunately).

I still remember the MSX machines of my classmates (during my school and high school years): Casio MSX1 (don't know the exact model), Sanyo MSX1 (probably a MPC-64), Canon V-20, Spectravideo 738 X'Press, Philips VG-8020, Sony HB-10P,... most of them MSX1 machines. Few people owned MSX2es; I only remember two people with a Sony HB-F9S and a Philips NMS-82XX respectively. In Spain most MSX machines were MSX1.

By eighbits

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11-04-2006, 23:35

My favorite is the first MSX I ever used - Yamaha YIS805IIR. I remember thinking how ugly the PC's of the period were, compared to the compact and sleek computer. Not to mention how ugly most of the PC games were, compared to MSX games (and don't get me started about lack of music in the average PC game!).

I hope to buy a Yamaha eventually; I currently have a Sony HB-F1XD, which is also a nice computer.

By djh1697

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12-04-2006, 01:06

I rather liked the look of the Yamaha CXM5M/II. I never heard of that one getting upgraded to a 2 or a 2+, but I am sure it would be easy, two cartidge ports too Smile

I think the GT model is better than the crippled ST, maybe there should be a poll?

By poke-1,170

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12-04-2006, 03:36


By Alexandre_Taito

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14-04-2006, 15:47

in Brazil I love the Gradiente Expert, these are just beautiful

Outta Brazil, the Yamaha CX5M, so sleek and has lots of sound features Big smile

By Leo

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25-04-2006, 20:22

My first MSX :

Philips VG8020 + DDrive 360kb + Black&Green Monitor => so many kewl basic games did.
For info my favorite MSX2 was then sony HBF700

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