Wiimote support for MSX project

By Sky_hawk

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18-10-2014, 13:25

Last weekend, I was playing some MSX games in my livingroom, letting my 3 year old daughter play bubble bobble Smile
It was great fun, but it annoyed me that she had to sit on the floor to do it.
Also my MSX was getting a hell of a beating when bubble or bobble wouldn't perform as expected.

I thought it would be cool play MSX games from the couch, and keep my MSX at a safe distance at the same time.
This is the result of a afternoon fiddling with:

- Raspberry PI (about 45 euro)
- a bluetooth dongle (10 euro)
- 7 BC547's
- 8x 10K resistors
- an old joystick cable and some extra wire
- a soldering iron

GitHub repository with python source for MSX Wiimote support

It works like a charm, I can now use my Wiimote to play msx games. I'll take the setup to Nijmegen for inspection :)

I was thinking to also support the Wiimote as a mouse, and even the nunchuck including the extra buttons.
Using the extended Mouse-protocol NYYRIKKI & Prodatron
defined. It might have to be tweaked a little to support a few more nibbles, but it should be possible.

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By Sky_hawk

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18-10-2014, 18:04

Did some more tweaking, added auto-fire and error-recovery if the connection to wiimote is lost.
Also I noticed that the Raspberry PI has trouble booting if powered from a crappy usb-charger.

Now I can finally play bubble from my couch Tongue I'll post a video later.

By giangiacomo.zaffini

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18-10-2014, 18:53

Sky_hawk: that's pretty brilliant!
I'm happy to find here very smart people doing stuff and inspiring people. Keep rolling! I want to see Your video. Big smile

By ToriHino

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18-10-2014, 21:25

Nice! And funny to see that the adapter between the Wiimote and the msx has a lot more processing power than the msx itself Cool

By Sky_hawk

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18-10-2014, 21:58

Hehe, yes, true, still, its awesome the sit back and retro game on the couch, i really need to make another one so we can play 2-player games Smile

By Sky_hawk

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18-10-2014, 22:02

I'm thinking, since i now have. 'Pi' next to my msx, i might as well use it as a nowind host. With some software to auto identify rom / disk images, and a nice menu to select, to could be really cool. Also, as long as we're at it, any signals from USB mouse connected to the pi could be forwarded to the msx. I think this project is going to take some more time Smile

By Vampier

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13-09-2017, 20:48

ok this is what i was looking for Smile the pi3 now has build in bluetooth Smile

By Pencioner

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13-09-2017, 21:18

C'mon, i suppose that code could take not too much to convert to support USB joystick, right? I don;t have my soldering equipment here now (what a pity) but i'm going to try it when i have Smile

By Vampier

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14-09-2017, 08:17

it would be nice to see how to solder this... or have a complete schema fpr RPI->PCB->DIN9 connector... I'm not good at electronics at all ... I can do my basic led/relay stuff on the Pi with should be enough for this... but using a solid state relay would get really annoying with all the clicking Big smile

By gdx

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14-09-2017, 11:34

If you are not good in electronics you can use a JoySNES + a retro receiver for SNES to use the Wiinote on MSX. This works perfectly. Cool


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