Yamaha CX5M for my music studio

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By anonymous

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27-11-2008, 21:59

Is there anyone who knows something about this computer? I want to know how making music looks like using this stuff. I know that I need machine with music keyboard and 2 cartridges - one for programming sounds and second is composing software. As I read all the programmed sound are stored on the tape ?!

It is possible to play the keyboard in "real time mode" or it's ony for writting notes.

Sorry for my english by the way I hope you will understant what I wrote Smile

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By alexworp3

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28-11-2008, 17:22

I used to own one myself (i still do i think) and all i still can remeber that it was possible to replace the original soundmodule with an other one whis was more powerfull. There was a lot of software created for it and if i recall ther was even a cartridge with a backup possibility (iirc that is). The keyboard works in realtime just like the one on the music module (msxaudio) and even a midi keyboard works nicely.

I hope that iwas of any help.

By MsxKun

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28-11-2008, 17:41

talking about Music Module and keyboards, any way to make work with MIDI keyboard not only on the voice editor (works) but also on the pattern editor (doesn't work)?

By MsxKun

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28-11-2008, 18:43

Edit: I meant using Moonblaster

By Manuel

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13-12-2008, 10:44

The difference between the normal (SFG-01) and the upgraded (SFG-05) sound module is only disk support in the software, as far as I know. Both have MIDI in and out.

By Skyblasc

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13-12-2008, 11:51

Is there anyone who knows something about this computer?

The place you are looking for:


By Womble

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15-12-2008, 11:59

I can shed some light, there were two sound modules, the SFG-01 and the later released SFG-05 module.

You can tell which one you have by typing "call music" when the machine boots, if you get a screen full of text you have 01, if you get a colourful graphical representation of a keyboard then you have 05.

01 cant use midi in, the SFG-01 was really only produced to work with the Yamaha keyboards that came with the original package, these were non-midi keyboards that plugged into the 20 pin slot connector on the synth module.

I was incredibly lucky in that I found a YK-10 at my local Cash Converters for $15 when I went into see if they had any midi gear I could use with this.



Both the 01 and 05 have midi ports, but on the 01 module they are really only for connecting to a Yamaha DX7 synthesiser while you ran the voice editor cartridge, the DX7 had a voice editor built in but it was limited to using the DX7 2 line LED screen - which was pretty painful, so the CX5M was a very popular solution letting you do all the hard work on a decent screen.

05 was the much improved synth module that did support full midi in / midi out. A lot of people complained about the crippled 01 as they rightly assumed the midi ports could be used and were rather disappointed when they found it couldn't.

Internally the 01 module and the 05 module are identical except for one thing, the size of the eprom that holds the software, and the connection for a single address line. The 01 module has a 16K eprom, the 05 has a 32K eprom. As a result the A14 address lines on the 01 module are hardwired to +5V via a resistor, leaving the A0-13 lines free to describe the 16K of addressable space, there is a cct diagram online somewhere of the 05 synth module and it is wrong, it shows the A14 line both wired to the bus AND wired to +5V. The 05 module needs a working A14 line which the diagram does not show.

This one is correct


But if you find you have a 01 and you want to upgrade it to an 05 it is very easy, you need to burn a 32KB eprom with the 05 software and cut the track that ties A14 to 5V, this pin then needs connecting to the A14 on the edge socket.

If there is anyone out there who wants this mod done I am happy to do it free of charge, the only cost would be postage to and from Melbourne Australia, which may well put you off :)

I did recently have a bod from the UK send me the Oric Atmos from his collection for repair, think that was about 8 quid postage each way.

Oh, Yes you can play this keyboard in real time, I havent hooked up a midi keyboard so I havent proven that, but you can play real time IF you have the 05 module, if you have the 01 module then you can only play real time if you have a YK1 or a YK10 keyboard connected, the midi ports are useless to you. The module has quite a range of built in voices, any alterations you make have to be stored on tape or disk and loaded up each time you boot.

By Manuel

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15-12-2008, 21:53

Thanks for this useful information, Womble!

By linville

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09-02-2011, 04:50

Greetings -- forgive the reply to an old post...

I recently acquired a CX5M with the SFG-01 module, then happened to acquire another SFG-01 module. I proceeded to attempt the ROM swap to upgrade it to an SFG-05 (including cutting the +5V connection to eprom pin 27 and wiring eprom pin 27 to pin 35 of the bus connector instead). Unfortunately, now when I insert the module the CX5M doesn't boot -- nothing but a black screen! :-(

Stupidly, in my haste to perform the ROM swap I neglected to actually test the module before I modified it, so I am not actually sure it was ever working. Presuming that it was working, I double- (or triple-) checked my wiring, ensuring connectivity between all the eprom socket pins and their mates on the bus connector or elsewhere on the board. I have a lot of experience with this sort of project, so I'm reasonably confident in my work (other than the idiocy of not testing the board before the modification).

Do you have any idea what the symptom (i.e. power-on to nothing but a permanent black screen when the synth module is present) might suggest? Are there other chips on the board that might cause such behaviour if they have failed? Or other sorts of failures that might be worth checking?

I appreciate any suggestions you can provide!


By asfergy316

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23-04-2013, 09:42

Hi Womble

I know this thread is old and their is a possibility that you won't read this, but i was struggling to find a way to contact you.

Basically i was reading through some old threads yesterday and came a across a thread where you were saying that you can upgrade the original SFG-01 to SFG-05 on the Yamaha C5XME.

Is this something you would still be willing to do?

Kind Regards

By msxholder

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24-04-2013, 23:45

Its a small difference
some line filters are gone
and its not fully chip compatible

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