By Matej

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05-06-2017, 10:50

Z-Berry is small sized computer (as RPi) but with Z80 - 10MHz, 512kB RAM, 32kB ROM, microSD, PS/2 keyboard...

Z-Berry homepage:



Maybe we can make MSX shield (VDP + PSG or FM, TV-OUT, 2x joystick) for it and our own ROM (flash) something like C-BIOS but with FDD and BASIC support.

And we will have very cute, very fast MSX with very big memory in small factor PCB (3D printed case? Or not working MSX as case?).


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By Lord_Zett

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05-06-2017, 13:53

i think it would be problematic to make a msx out of it. but theidea to make with real chips a small msx mobo is nice.

By Pac

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12-06-2017, 19:04

Not sure about how this board matches with the MSX standard. At first glance, the specs are quite similar to the OCM (a mini OCM in this case Smile ) but hardware gurus should give their opinion. Anyway interesting...

By Matej

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20-06-2017, 09:55

Hello friends.

I have buyed 10x OPL3+DAC so there will be FM chip for music. Also now I will buy 10x MSX2+ or SEGA MD VDP.

There will be on my "gaming" shield:
- VDP graphics chip
- FM soundchip
- 1x cinch TV out
- 1x stereojack AUDIO out
- 2x DB9 (ATARI joystick or SEGA gamepad)

As CP/M (similar to MSX dos) is open to public since 2001 Caldera released CP/M's source code under an open source license. I will choose CP/M.

It will be not MSX compatible. But very very similar computer to MSX.
I will add support FORUM on my homepage (also I am writing with Z-Berry author Martin - He answered me that when during summer He will have free time He will maybe do "gaming shield").

And what about price? Price of core Z-Berry cost cca. 30Euro/USD shield will be priced max. 70Euro so whole new computer will be in price of old 8bit from e-bay (MSX,ZX,C64,A800 etc). So thats not bad for new Z80 computer...
Also it is no FPGA but will use real chips...

I have choosen name for shield: M-Shield (multimedia shield).

I will put any news here soon.


By Matej

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20-06-2017, 10:00

So final specs for Z-Berry+M-Shield will be:

Z80 CPU running at 10MHz (20MHz possible)
32kB ROM
512kB RAM
VIDEO: Yamaha V9958 (MSX2+ or Turbo-R) or Yamaha YM7101 (Sega Megadrive)
AUDIO: Yamaha YMF262 (OPL3 soundchip)
microSD card storage
2x DB9 ATARI joystick/SEGA gamepad
1x TV-out cinch
1x AUDIO-out stereojack
1 output full 8 bit-port
1 input full 8-bit port
3 independent input pins
4 independent output pins
serial interface (57 600 Bd)
I2C bus
SPI bus
PS/2 keyboard connector
software driven LED
reset button
connector with almost full Z80 bus
5V powered via micro-USB connector
pluggable daughter board with real-time clock or OLED display
total 17 IC chips (including 3V3 regulator)
two layers PCB
credit card sized (85x56mm)
fits Raspberry Pi cases (but only a few of them fits perfectly)
firmware with SD card support

Price: Max 100Euro

By AxelStone

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20-06-2017, 22:52

so nice, MSX mini!