Apology to Arkhan and a request to all MRC members

By snout

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18-12-2015, 07:28

So after the good example of Javi, several sleepless nights and a lengthy discussion on Facebook I suppose it's my time to make a move. In the comments section of the Life on Mars announcement there was a heated discussion and a clear call for action from one of the moderators. Being the first at the scene I stepped in, but not in a way that de-escalated the situation. Instead, I called names to Arkhan which I shouldn't have and for which I apologize. It was not MRC-moderator worthy and I'll do my best to not let such a thing happen again.

I've moderated a few of my outings in the comments section, yet didn't try to make myself look better than I am and left a couple of things in as well, most notably the #msxdev chatlog which some people found to be a very childish move and others found relevant. It's almost impossible to remove said log without disrupting the discussion that follows and it would also make me feel like I'd pretend that never happened. I'll leave it to the readers to draw their own conclusions on my level of childishness.

My request to all MRC members? It's almost 2016 - more than 32 years ago a little Z80 was combined with a TMS9918, a PSG, a tiny bit of memory and some standard connectors. We're of a dying breed that still cherishes - and in quite a few cases actively produces content for - this odd device and all things MSX that followed in its footsteps. We all have a responsibility to keep our spirits up in order to keep MSX and our community alive and kicking for as long as possible. So if you find yourself or others in a heated discussion, tempted as you may be to get a few things of your chest, try and communicate in a way that doesn't add oil to the fire. Know that MRC moderators are only human and from time to time can fuck up as well. And if you notice you have offended someone, take a little moment to think if you could mellow things down instead of reacting on impulse.

Or in the words of the "great" Jerry Springer: "Take care of yourselves... and each other". Merry christmas everybody!

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By Latok

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18-12-2015, 07:51


By Metalion

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18-12-2015, 11:57

One of my first boss at work always told me : "Before writing a reply at something that angers you, always let 24 hours pass". Of course that was before our actual age of instant reply, instant reaction, and instant ... everything.

But I always remember his advice. And try to apply it in my work, although it is becoming more and more difficult. I feel strongly that in that case, it would have been helpful, even if it is, of course, impossible to wait 24 hours on a forum.

You are right, of course, Snout. We are a dying breed. Dinosaurs. People interested in a thing so slow, even a modern simple calculator can do better. But we love it.

I myself have a lot of MSX projects (mainly games but not only) that I nurture from time to time, but, as everyone else, I don't have enough time (nor the talent) to fully develop a game from A to Z. So, I borrow from other games, from other platforms, from the internet. We make do with what we have. So, if in the future, I release an MSX game, let the world know right now, that it will certainly contain ripped GFX Smile

Was there something in the air ?

Now that's a good question. Because I've been asking myself the same question in the last months. Not especially in our community, but everywhere. People are tense. People are stressed. People react strongly, rapidly. I think our society, some violent aspects of it, as well as the current world events has bred this state of mind.

The world was a simpler place in 1983. Not especially a better place (after all, one of the worse near-nuclear war alert happened that year) but a simpler one. And that piece of plastic and electronics, with its lovable qualities and its detestable defects, has the magic ability to transport us back to that time. There, I've said it. The MSX is our DeLorean, it's a fucking time machine !

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

By SuchAGoonie

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18-12-2015, 12:14

By anonymous

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18-12-2015, 14:15

Glad to hear the apologies from both Javi and you.

Great examples for the MSX community.

Unfortunately, I think that other people should have apologized as well, but I'm afraid it won't never happen.

Thank you Snout and Javi.

By Whizzy

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18-12-2015, 16:49

Good to hear ! Now all a happy x-mas and lots of new games in the next year !

By syn

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18-12-2015, 18:00

Very nice and good to hear! Cheers merry msXmas Smile