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By ren

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10-12-2015, 15:00

A small, irrelevant Wink, nit-picky topic about the use of 'relevant link' in news posts, split from: http://www.msx.org/news/challenges/en/msxdev15-1-ninja-savior

@John: it's not really a big deal, I only find it to be a bit vague. E.g. a news item/post could have multiple 'relevant' links. Here it is brought down to one 'relevant link', and that link has (in this (+ other) case(s)) the name of the site you're pointing to (while here in fact, the title of the actual page that is linked to is MSXdev’15 – 2nd entry: Ninja Savior – MSXBlog (so in this case that can already be improved upon ;))
You could e.g. also end with: [link]more info and details on the MSXdev'15 blog[/link].

When looking at it, the use of 'relevant link' does feel a bit dull to me.. ;)

Of course, this looks like nit-picking, but yeah.. (it's a quality, really ;))

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By snout

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10-12-2015, 15:59

The "Relevant link" is an ancient tradition on MRC that is likely to stay forever. The idea behind it, long ago, is that even when you're bad at English or don't feel like reading you can easily spot where to go for the download/whatnot.

In this case the title of the link was a bit vague, they tend to be more descriptive indeed, so I took the liberty to change it to "Relevant link: Ninja Savior at MSXBlog".

By Louthrax

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10-12-2015, 16:19

Seems relevant.