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By gdx

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13-01-2022, 10:05

It would be very interesting to produce a clone of the SVI-709. This Network Interface seems evolved for the time. It allows us to network several MSXs and probably PCs too until 10Mbit. Circuit diagram is not in service manual of the SVI-728.


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13-01-2022, 23:35

mars2000you wrote:

You forget one important thing: Spectravideo has released SVI-609, 709 and 809 at the same time. It is clearly a SVI/MSX concept. It would be different if they had released only the 609 and the 809, it would have been a full SVI concept, even if a MSX fan would have created the MSX interface later.

Can Nyyrikki give his opinion about that?

My information on the subject is pretty much non existing... I do own SVI-605B (without HDD) and SVI-709, but other than that I'm not much of help... Out of curiosity I did take a quick peek inside 709 software and it seems to include modified version of MSX disk ROM to communicate over network... so in that sense it looks like pretty well implemented MSX integration...

Personally what I'm ie. dying to know, how on earth SVI-328 can boot anything from HDD??? On MSX this is not a problem, but 328 has no similar concept of booting from external ROM in expansion slot... (only from Game-port, but that on the other hand has no hardware extension functionality) You CAN make it boot from rear slot (as it is done with Colecovision and MSX adapters), but then at the same time you disable major parts of functionality of internal memory management in HW level that makes the computer totally crippled on my mind... So this HDD concept really bugs me... Floppy is a different thing as there is HW controlling boot code in SVI BIOS ROM, but AFAIK there is no similar for HDD.

I know that I'm not helping at all... I just say that there are still quite some mysteries to be solved. Spectravideo did all kind of tricks they could ever come up with, but those were not made in any structured, logical or well documented way... For them MSX was just a natural path somewhere in their quest, but their quest did not start from MSX or end to it although they clearly left their mark to MSX history.

By mars2000you

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15-01-2022, 22:52

NYYRIKKI, why do you have removed the SVI-105M from this page while keeping there the SVI-105?

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