after Jebi, a big earthquake in the MSX country

By keith56

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06-09-2018, 05:37

I'm living in Osaka, where the typhoon hit... my home has had no power or water for the last two days, fortunately the office where I work has water and power, so I'm OK...

There's a lot of damage in Osaka, trees down, small buildings damaged and the like, both the neerby supermarkets are closed, and some of the open shops have been cleared out of bottled water an batteries,

But compared to the people hit by the earthquake, we've got it very easy... it really reminds you how much you have to prepare for the worst in Japan, because what's happened round my area, is far from the worst that happens.

By Vampier

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06-09-2018, 06:23

Keith56: stay safe man.... it sucks..... I live in California it can happen at any time.

By RetroTechie

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06-09-2018, 21:50

keith56 wrote:

it really reminds you how much you have to prepare for the worst in Japan

ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! Despite living in a small apartment, at any random moment I have: >3 weeks drinking water, much more than that worth of food, an alcohol stove, fuel needed for cooking, flashlights and plenty of charged (and rechargeable) batteries to see what I'm doing for many weeks+, charger(s) for those that both can take 230V or 12V from a car (solar panel?), and a reasonably equipped toolbox so I'm able to improvise / construct something or do small (or not so small?) repairs on the spot. Tools / flashlights / stove etc are all used from time to time so I know they work & how to use them.

None of those things are special, hard to find or expensive. But funny thing is, even in an organised country like the NL a large part of the population doesn't even have that. They're the ones that'll run to buy bottled water or clog up gas stations when some minor emergency strikes.

My point: it's not about whether local stores are open, or whether they'll have items X, Y or Z. You DO NOT WANT TO BE IN THOSE QUEUES IN THE FIRST PLACE. Evil Poor use of your time in an actual emergency. Especially if family goes missing, things turn violent or your house is falling apart.

Head over to some 'prepper' forums and you'll be slapped with Meals Ready to Eat that'll keep for 25+ years, power generators, hunting tips and more. Bullshit! Some water buckets, a stack of dry food, portable stove and fuel, small radio, first aid kit etc, and you're already better prepared for an emergency than most people. It really doesn't take much. A large backpack + camping gear puts you even further ahead of the pack... LOL!

By keith56

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06-09-2018, 23:00

yeas its easy to say all that, but bottled water and dry food need replacing every couple of years , as do medical supplies, and rechargable batteries need propeer testing and replacement
plus how much water is enough? enough to drink enough to wash cooking stuff and cloths? most of my water usage is flushing the toilet
and its not the apocalypse, im still turning up to work in presentabe condition, cos theres lots of damage there too

i think you could be a bit less smug, pepole are in a serious situation here

By RetroTechie

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06-09-2018, 23:46

Appreciate the difficult situation people (including you) are in over there. My comment mostly was about the 'surprise' that again, and again, and again, people don't even take basic precautions that are really cheap, easy & make sense.

As for water: washing clothes can wait, that's not an emergency. Toilets can be flushed with non-drinking water (if you use a toilet - there's other options). Food is just the first-in-first-out daily supply. Just not stuff that needs refrigeration. Batteries / radio etc aren't that important. A med kit might be though - you never know. And emergency services will be stretched to their limits anyway when disaster strikes. So you might have to make do without help from outside... Sad

How's things over in Osaka now? Power restored? Roads cleared? Shops open again?

By gdx

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08-09-2018, 01:49