I always wondered why I like MSX

By uberjack

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20-03-2019, 04:43

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By TheKid

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20-03-2019, 07:33

That is great, now we have a real excuse why we spend so much time with our MSX Smile We can't help it, it is in our genes Smile

By jepmsx

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20-03-2019, 09:46

Smile Smile Smile
Good finding!
And I like to highlight that interacts with MSX1. What will be next? an MSX3 or MSX-TR?

By Pencioner

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20-03-2019, 09:57

I discovered that before you Tongue but as i'm humble person i didn't create a special forum post but rather selected proper one, so it passed by unattended Big smile proof

PS and i wasn't first one who talked about MSX genes btw - click

By Samor

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20-03-2019, 12:40


MSX1 is found to have a linkage with Witkop syndrome

...as any reader of MCM already knew. Tongue
I see this was already mentioned before, but I didn't know and it was too funny. Hannibal

By alexito

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21-03-2019, 11:13

OMG now I understand my addiction to this machine.

P.S: really good finding.