Japanese language course in Leiden, The Netherlands

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09-05-2017, 00:57

Japanology is a website dedicated to the Japanese language. It is run by Loek van Kooten, former MSX-ENGINE member and also known on this forum as Akebono.

The site offers a nice way to learn the Japanese language through online courses.

But, as you can see on the site, there are also offline courses, all at different levels. At the moment there are 5 classes: one on every weekday evening except on Friday and one class on Saturday morning.

I myself am attending the Monday evening class for a bit more than a year now. Because practically all the students have busy lives, the learning speed is quite low.

At the moment my class has 6 students which is the absolute minimum for Loek to keep the class going.

This June however, a new season starts and as it looks now, we might drop below these 6 students. Which would mean the end of the class.....

This is why I wonder if there might be people reading this site who want to learn the Japanese language in a very structural way using the great textbook Minna No Nihongo. In a classroom filled with MSX-ers, MSX games and MSX magazines! Yes, they're all there :) :)

Currently, the Monday evening class has reached lesson 15 of the first Minna No Nihongo-book. This means we read sentences such as 'Sumimasen ga, kono kanji no yomikata wo oshiete kudasai' and 'Ano hana-ya no mae de tomete kudasai' and 'Atsui desu ne. Mado wo akemashō ka' and 'Watashi wa maiasa okusan to sanpo ni ikimasu'.

Hopefully you read this and think: 'Yes, this is the moment, I've been studying Japanese for some time already and this would give me the boost I need!'. I very much welcome you to join the Japanology site, register yourself and apply for the Monday evening class :)

If you first want to get some more information, please don't hesitate to contact me or Akebono directly through this site or through the Japanology pages.

Nihongo wo benkyō shimashō!

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