MSX nostalgia on the PS4: Puyo Puyo Tetris

By tfh

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28-04-2017, 22:05

Look at what the mailman delivered to my doorstep today:

And you can even earn MSX Puyo's

*Snif*... Altough released by Sega instead of Compile, they haven't forgotten about MSX completely. My wife already told me she wanted to have a go this weekend as well. She also played it on our MSX2 which we had in the past (long long time ago).
If you want to have a go at the MSX verion yourself:

The PS4 version can only be bought as a physical release. You can't find it in the PSN store I am afraid. And it seems the game was already released in Asia some 2 / 3 years ago... But it only became available here in Europe today.

/me is gonna have another go now :)

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By sd_snatcher

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29-04-2017, 00:15

Nice finding! Smile

By tfh

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29-04-2017, 00:26

sd_snatcher wrote:

Nice finding! Smile

Already had quite some fun with it. Need to pay a little bit more to get the msx puyo's. But that will have to wait until later this week. Have some other things to attend tomorrow.
But if you own a ps4, it's a fun game with a nice msx feeling to it. Also feel free to join me on the PSN network. My nick is TFHfony (of course...)

By dracul

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20-05-2017, 17:47

Looks nice, but around 25/30 euro's I think it's a bit too expensive... Perhaps they throw it into the digital downloads one day at a lower price, then I probably buy it. Good times!