MSX related videos on Youtube

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By Grauw

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01-01-2020, 15:37

Yesterday I ran into this video again which I think is nice:

MSX Basic vs. BASIC-Kun vs. Assembler speed comparison

Also my own channel where I mostly post videos of MSX projects is here:

By mcolom

Resident (57)

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01-01-2020, 23:33

I love this one I found recently, about cleaning (really cleaning up!) and repairing a HB-501.

By hamlet

Scribe (2886)

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15-02-2020, 08:31

For the lazy saturday morning:
Youtuba ToughkidCST Kim has resently released a bunch of MSX videos. Here are the links to the MX-10 and the CX5-M vids..

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