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26-03-2018, 17:38

So I wonder which game(s) you finished recently (or long ago), that had a profound effect on you (that moved you).

I just finished the (most excellent) English fan-translation of Yu-no, a well known Japanese visual novel / adventure game from back in the PC-98 days (1996). Full Romaji title: Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shōjo YU-NO (Yu-no - A girl chanting love at the bound of this world).

I wonder if there's anyone else here that played it? The first (classic) VN for me.
If you're up for a lengthy 50 - 60h (or so) adventure/mystery/(melo)drama I would recommend it. Of course it is an eroge, and does feature some explicit elements (some of which censored in later (other platform) versions) which might not suit some faint of heart. At times I did have to sigh, and questioned some stuff myself, but the story had me in it's grip firmly, more than enough to look past some(times silly) stuff anyway.. Wink

If someone's reading this thinking about giving the game a shot, I could give you some (non-spoiling) pointers to get started effectively and to some of the quirks to be aware of.
I completed the game without having to resort to a walkthrough/guide myself, and avoiding reading as little as possible on the web regarding the game/plot. I believe there's just 1 thing that is impossible to figure out on your own, but that's some extra stuff at/after the end. (It involves the New game+ mode that becomes available.)

The Yu-no soundtrack (Ryu Umemoto) is also very well known, and highly regarded. You should be cautious if you're one that listens to (game) music on YouTube, as the Yu-no vids come with pics that can be regarded spoilers. I was already familiar with the excellent music, luckily I did forget some of those pics.. (only to come across those again at various points in the game.. Wink)

Another game I played long ago that comes to mind is Terranigma (SNES). Funnily enough that game & Yu-no share some thematic elements (the nature & origin of the world).

Foremost Yu-no is a love story. It's not flawless, but I found it to be captivating & it sucked me in. + Being a fan of Ryu Umemoto's work, and finding out Yu-no was some kind of a thing, I had to play it anyway Wink
I'm already looking forward doing a rerun of it (one day (sooner or later)).. Enjoy it if you decide upon playing it! (Reactions are welcomed Wink)

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