PAL vs NTSC music listening speed problem

By eimaster

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06-12-2017, 22:56

I live in Yemen where the TV and video standard is PAL and so is my real MSX computer. The thing is when I installed Droidsound-E on my Android mobile phone and downloaded some MSX music I found that the music tempo (speed) is a little faster (NTSC version) than it really is on my real MSX (PAL version). Is there a solution to reduce the playback tempo in the Droidsound-E application or do I have to install a music editor/tracker to edit the music file?!

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By Manuel

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06-12-2017, 23:07

Why don't you ask the author of Droidsound-E? (I've never heard of it myself.)

By fernando.collazo.5682

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07-12-2017, 01:49

Droidsound-E is awesome and yes, all japanese music are played at 60hz while european ones 50hz.

By droidmjt

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13-01-2018, 13:57

Try out the latest version of Droidsound-E, it has vsync selector for KSS music.