SVI game on Quickshot V box

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By hamlet

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21-05-2017, 18:54

I really, really like SVI computer. But they´d well-deserved their decline with their cheap manufactured products.
They did a great job with the Quickshot II, but then the market was dominated by the Competition Pro, which let all other products look crapy. Competition put micro switches in the second generation and SVI used bubbles. That time I owned a Suncom Tac2, man what a joystick. No switches, just pure metal contacts.

By Manuel

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21-05-2017, 23:18

rderooy wrote:

There is not an MSX version of the box, the box has the MSX picture on one side, and the SVI on the other.

Ah! OK, thanks for clearing that up. Still, the mystery remains, as they say "SVI GAME", where it seems to be an Atari 2600 game made by SVI's precursor Tongue

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