The wonderful birthday thread.

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By hamlet

Scribe (2233)

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28-09-2018, 14:26

Several times I have noticed that a thread is missing to congratulate birthday children. Here I start one.
See here the chance to wish our members luck and always enought RAM to realize your projects.

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By hamlet

Scribe (2233)

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28-09-2018, 14:31

Happy Birthday JohnHassink!

The cake is real!

By ren

Paragon (1194)

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29-09-2018, 16:12

Congrats (you olden bastard)!


By msxtrd

Master (197)

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28-09-2018, 18:26

This is cool, thumbs up Hamlet Smile

By JohnHassink

Ambassador (5382)

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29-09-2018, 16:11

Thank you

By hamlet

Scribe (2233)

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25-10-2018, 23:51

Well, a last minute happy birthday wish to vampier!

By Vampier

Prophet (2275)

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26-10-2018, 04:23

^_^ thanks!

By hamlet

Scribe (2233)

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08-01-2019, 18:23

I'm sure I forget to congratulate many birthday children, that's why I'm happy not to forget this at ro's birthday!
Happy birthday!

By ro

Guardian (4054)

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09-01-2019, 13:25

eeeeh, thanx ! Smile
Here's a Dutch/Frisian treat for ye

By hamlet

Scribe (2233)

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18-02-2019, 14:15

This time is Louthrax!

By Pencioner

Paladin (858)

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18-02-2019, 15:56

Coungrathx! Err... Congrats Louthrax!

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