The wonderful birthday thread.

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By OeiOeiVogeltje

Paragon (1274)

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19-02-2019, 01:01

one day later than me!

By hamlet

Scribe (2353)

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19-02-2019, 09:17

So you're one day closer to the next congratulations. Of course all the best to you too, Oei!

By Louthrax

Prophet (2070)

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19-02-2019, 21:28

Missed that post yesterday! Thank you guys, and thanks Hamlet for the great lego-avatar picture Smile
Happy birthday (with some delay) to you too OeiOeiVogeltje!

By hamlet

Scribe (2353)

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14-03-2019, 06:12

Hap3.14 day!

By konamiman

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14-03-2019, 09:46

Oh my. I missed this thread and my birthday was on February 27th Crying Well happy birthday to me:

By hamlet

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14-03-2019, 10:19

Did not know. Happy B'day lately, Néstor!

By Meits

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14-03-2019, 11:46

/me eats pie today.
Can I cheers hap as well?

By hamlet

Scribe (2353)

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18-03-2019, 21:00

This is Onno's day! Happy Birthday!

By thegeps

Master (219)

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20-03-2019, 01:01

LoL I'm one hour late. It was my birthday yesterday (19-03-2019)
I'm 45 old now...

By Pencioner

Paladin (906)

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18-05-2019, 20:13

Happy Birthday to Manuel Bilderbeek! Thank you for all you do! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

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