YAJ no more accessible from Europe

By Takamichi

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16-02-2022, 12:17

Yahoo Japan has announced that most of its online services will cease to be accessible in the European Economic Area and the UK as of April 6th. Japanese official announcement. While the Yahoo Auction membership was useless since very few sellers exported, if you are living there and have one to watch and set up new listing alert, please be reminded.

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By Grauw

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16-02-2022, 16:13

I presume we can still use proxy services like Buyee etc… However, inconvenient that we will no longer be able to look at the original listings, sometimes that’s handy Sad. Guess if I ever really need access I should get one of those VPN services that are shilled by all those Youtubers Smile.

By sdsnatcher73

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16-02-2022, 16:56

Well it is a bit unclear whether the whole site will be unreachable or we won’t be able to create/have an account. If the site is unreachable the proxy services will become difficult to use (as the images are still served by Yahoo). If you can’t judge the state of an item from the photos it will be even a bigger lottery than it is now Wink

By Takamichi

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17-02-2022, 09:13

I doubt Yahoo Japan will introduce IP based protection so everyone will be able to watch YAJ without logging in. Official announcement says everything (eg adding an auction to the watch list) involving YJ membership will be discontinued except sending/receiving Yahoo mail, using Yahoo credit card and reading ebookjapan. You won't be able to renew Yahoo mail either.

By Takamichi

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24-04-2022, 16:35

It happened Yahoo really banned access from Europe. However I found the video describing the workaround.

By MajorTOM

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18-05-2022, 16:15

It seems you may still access throughout proxy services, such as Buyee, FromJapan, etc..

By popolon_

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19-05-2022, 11:53

I had problems with all pictures until now. I needed to always refresh again the search result for every search page result to see the picture for auctions in buyee search result list. Also for auction details, i had to refresh page once to see the pictures. So really annoying and time consuming, but now those are working straight away. That Opera browser with vpn inside is nice, now i can search again closed yahoo auctions.