CX5M, help needed

By Bastien

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27-01-2020, 00:10

First of all, hello and thank you for this forum.

I am a musician and I was the owner of a CX5M, now out of service
I want to load my old tapes on OpenMsx so that I can save my work on my computer.
I used the SFG01 and YRM101 roms.

But above all, I have to change the machine on OpenMsx, but I did not understand how to do it. I have a CX5M 1 rom found on the web, and I put it in systemroms, but it doesn't work.
I read the manual, but I think I did not understand.
How to do ? Thanks for the help.

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By sdsnatcher73

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27-01-2020, 08:56

Hi Bastien. I'll try to get you up an running...

According to the CX5M machine config you'll need both the CX5M BASIC/BIOS and the SFG-01 ROM. The CX5M ROM openMSX needs would have to have a sha1sum of 8963fc041975f31dc2ab1019cfdd4967999de53e and 49a1750c10e407293af6bce27a02e99307ceba12 for the SFG-01 ROM. Both files are in on

You will also need the YRM101 rom which you will be able to find on

Now the tricky part will be creating a WAV/CAS file from your tapes. As far as I know you can't connect a real tape drive to openMSX so you'll have to record a (mono) WAV file on a computer using the computer's line-in. openMSX can use the WAV as source for the virtual tape drive. It should also be possible to convert the WAV to a CAS file (which will be smaller), but I have no experience with this (hopefully someone else will be able to assist).