Debugger can't find active sessions

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By warmize

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27-01-2020, 12:54

Hi, I'm back again with the debugger issue!
Sorry but I had to spent my free time for the podcast and the Barcelona Meeting last week.

I cleaned the folder: /users//AppData/Local/Temp/openmsx
Then I run OpenMSX (no rom, just a normal MSX session). 3 temporary files appeared.
Once it is opened I run the debugger. It can't find any session.
Then I close both programs. at the temporary folder 2 of the files disappeared.

I also tried from the benining but opening the debugger first and then openMSX without success.

I'm using an updated WIndows 10.

By Manuel

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27-01-2020, 13:10

Which files are appearing exactly and which remains?

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