Detecting OpenMSX or RealMSX?

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By ren

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16-04-2019, 09:24

You could always implement a switch to revert back? Smile

(Not sure if IO will be automagically fixed for openMSX when you fix this?)

By TomH

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16-04-2019, 15:21

ricbit wrote:
TomH wrote:

EDIT: per the hint above, and following that link, it appears to assume that the point of interference is within the modulated television signal. If so then it's presumably not applicable to any MSX that doesn't use a modulated television signal — SCART and S-Video users need not apply. And, no, there's no software way to detect that.

You can on the turboR, just turn on the microphone and listen for your frequency.

Sure, straight after turning the volume up high enough for the microphone to be able to detect the noise, just like 0% of machines are probably currently configured. And even then trying to deal with false positives given the processing budget.

A much easier way to detect an emulator if you intend to do audio processing would likely be to look for better filtering. Or, in the case of many users, no audio input at all.

By bore

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16-04-2019, 17:57

IMO one should avoid making workaround for emulators.
Usually the emulator writers wants to fix any inaccuracies and the workaround will just become junk code.
There are also multiple emulators out there with many different issues, making workarounds for all of them could be problematic.

Just make it compatible with real hardware and let the emulator writers do their thing.

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