Gorby's Pipeline no work w/ Panasonic FS-CA1

By ren

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27-02-2017, 23:20

See subject. Tried 2 of the recognized roms, only not the FRS one since I don't have it (& couldn't find it).
Loading never gets past 'Loading PIPELINE'. Tried both TOSEC disks (first = same as found in original_disks archive, other = SMA version).

Rune Master II does work well with the extension though.

Not sure if it DOES work on real HW.

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By Manuel

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28-02-2017, 00:00

AFAIK this is a known bug in the game....

By ren

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28-02-2017, 00:17

Ah.. FYI: it does work with the default audio & NMS-1205 extensions w/ poke.

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