Halted openmsx video output


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21-02-2019, 23:49


I've been wondering, is there a command to sync the openmsx video output to exact present time?
The problem is this: If I insert a break point ie. right before change of background color and then I step trough the code, I don't see any change in video output although in theory I should start to see new color pixels appearing pretty much one at a time when I step forward... Even if I insert break point to some routine that is executed a bit later and let the emulator to run something like 1000 cycles, it may very well be that the video output is still showing "old picture" when the emulation is halted again.

Is there some command to "flush" the video buffer in order to make it catch up with time?

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By Manuel

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22-02-2019, 08:44

Good idea, I made a ticket for it: https://github.com/openMSX/openMSX/issues/1148