How to pass file paths to openmsx?

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By brakenwagen

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21-03-2018, 01:55

- I used SDL because that what was used in the documentation (didn’t know there were other options) what’s the difference between SDL and SDLGL-PP?
- How exactly does “-script” work dos it call another file? I don’t want spread things out across multipliable file.
- It don’t hurt nothing to be there and not need it and I’m too lazy to write a script that checks weather it’s needed or not (got a lot of other things to work out). As for building it into my own machine configuration too lazy to figure that out too. I take the path of less resistance. It may be quick and dirty like that but it’s not as if I’m making this for a professional project or anything so I gravitate towards what I’m used to if I can help it.
- I use the Panasonic FS-A1GT

Indeed and when I can’t get that control it drives me up the wall, take retroarch for example it won’t let you save to and load from your state file urg why? at least it lets you save thumbnails for states that’s cool.

By FiXato

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21-03-2018, 04:40


From: openMSX Setup Guide: User Preferences
If you're a power user and want to specify commands which are executed at the start of each openMSX start up, put those commands in a text file, one command per line (i.e. a script) and put it in the share/scripts directory. You can also explicitly specify a Tcl file to be loaded and executed on the openMSX commandline. For this, use the -script command line option, which has the filename of the Tcl script as argument.

By Manuel

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21-03-2018, 12:00

SDLGL-PP is the current default and uses the graphics card to accelerate the graphics rendering.

If you want to run stuff at 50Hz, use the -machine parameter to select a 50Hz machine. E.g. Boosted_MSX2_EN will do (and has almost everything built in too, including that SCC+). An extra advantage is that with this machine, some Konami games will display English texts instead of Japanese on the FS-A1GT turboR.

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