How to use playstation 3 controller for the openMSX?

By breadncup

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05-04-2023, 07:51

I'm using macOS for running openMSX games.

I wonder if openMSX supports the playstation3 controller (3rd party, not SONY)

This playstation3 controller is supported in MAME games, but not sure about the openMSX. It looks like it does not detect it automatically. Should I set up something for the playstation3 controller?

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By Manuel

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05-04-2023, 22:25

I would expect it to be supported out of the box. If it isn't, there isn't much you can do, other than getting the latest release and try that, but assuming you already use that, get the latest development build from GitHub Actions. I recently upgraded the SDL2 lib to the latest release. Perhaps that helps.