Issues when binding the super or escape key

By fanofmsx

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01-11-2021, 10:50

I'm trying to bind some new key combinations through the console, and it won't let me to combine the super key with another key. For example:
bind LSUPER+F11 toggle fullscreen
Yields an error complaining it's invalid.

The escape key has a different issue. It lets me to run the bind command passing the key as an argument, but oddly when I press the key, it doesn't work. For example:
bind ESCAPE exit
When I press the escape key, openMSX won't close.

The escape key works and it is detected by the operating system or other applications.

Is there anything I'm doing wrong?

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By Manuel

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01-11-2021, 22:06

Key binds with a + only work with a modifier+normal key. So, e.g. bind META+F11 toggle fullscreen will work. (There is a difference between modifiers and keys. LSUPER is a key, and META is a modifier. The available modifiers are SHIFT, CTRL, ALT, META and MODE. This is how it works with SDL...)

As for bind ESCAPE exit, it works fine here. Perhaps your desktop environment is capturing it somehow?