OpenMSX as Laserdisc player emulator for real Pioneer PX v60

By fabricegueant

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15-05-2023, 12:04

Hi folks ,

I am the happy owner of a Pioneer PX-V60. And like any happy owner of such machine I would like to play Laserdisc games. Before trying to get a laserdisc player from japan, I am looking for a more modern solution.
I have seen that OpenMSX emulate laserdisc, and that it was available on Raspberry PI. Is it possible to use OpenMSX on a PI to replace a laserdisc player ? We could connect it to the PX-V60 to and play laserdisc games on a semi-real config.
Did anyone tryed and succeeded to do this ?
I doesn't have the needed skills to build a custom OpenMSX version, but I have the hardware to test and help debugging of such configuration.


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