openMSX - Cassette skip track

By janosh73

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29-02-2016, 11:04

Dear all,
I'm new here but I'm an old fan of MSX: I owned (and I still have) a Philips VG8020/20.
Now I'm using both BlueMSX and OpenMSX emulators but I have a question on openMSX: is there a way to browse a cassette content (cas file - with multiple programs/games on it) like it can be done in BlueMSX?
Or, on the contrary, is there a way to skip some programs in a cassette with multyiple programs to reach a specific point and load a specific program/game?

thank you in advance.


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By mars2000you

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29-02-2016, 11:39

It's not directly possible in openMSX because it converts internally the CAS file into a WAV file and this kind of file does not allow to read the 'directory' of the tape.

As you are using both emulators, you can launch first blueMSX to get the 'directory' of the tape with the names of the files that can be loaded (or bloaded or cloaded), than launch openMSX and use precise loading instructions including the filename. Also don't forget to de-activate the openMSX automatic tape loading feature, because it will of course always load the first file found on the tape!

Another option is to use the TCL script made by Nyyrikki - see

By janosh73

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29-02-2016, 13:14

Thank you very much for the information.
It's a very good trick!

Thank you and regards,

By Manuel

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29-02-2016, 21:41

Yes, NYYRIKKI's script, which is integrated into openMSX as of version 0.11.0, gives the same functionality.