openMSX debugger feedback

By santiontanon

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14-08-2017, 12:43

Hi! I just started using the openMSX debugger today (it was about time, since it was hell to debug without using a debugger, hahaha). A couple of things:
1) First of all, it's great! Smile
2) I see there are panes to see the CPU and the VDP registers, but no pane to see the PSG registers. Or is it that I just cannot find it?
3) The ability to add breakpoints when some memory address is written is great! but Is there a place to see all the breakpoints I've added so I can remove them later on? I haven't found how to do this.

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By Grauw

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14-08-2017, 12:52

2) Check the View / Add debuggable viewer option.

3) Not in the debugger I think (would be handy), but in the openMSX console, type debug list_bp.

I will also warn you that the disassembly view does not always show the correct content when reconnecting after restarting the emulator, because it does some caching which isn’t cleared in that case. If this happens, just take the scroll bar and scroll all the way up and down, it will make it forget the cache.

While we’re at it, I’ll express my wish for a "don’t show this again" option in the prompt to reload symbol files Smile.

By santiontanon

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14-08-2017, 15:43

2) Oh! thanks! didn't see that. That'll be handy!

And also thanks for all the other tips Smile


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14-08-2017, 16:27

I think the problem is that there is currently no one maintaining the OpenMSX debugger. (Correct me if I'm wrong)

Grauw wrote:

3) Not in the debugger I think (would be handy), but in the openMSX console, type debug list_bp.

Actually in this case I think the correct command is debug list_watchpoints

By Manuel

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15-08-2017, 00:15

It's not actively maintained indeed. But we do fix a bug here and there, if it's not too hard. And of course, patches are always welcome. In other words: if you can scratch your itch and want to share it with others, send a patch and we'll definitely take a look at it.

By santiontanon

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15-08-2017, 09:42

That's good to know. For now, knowing I can see the PSG registers and that I can see the list of watch points from OpenMSX is good enough for me. But if it gets too tedious to go to OpenMSX all the time, I could consider writing a "list all the watchpoints" window that would allow you to remove the ones you don't want anymore.